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RSS in Plain English

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Title:RSS in Plain English
Duration:3:45 Min
Extensions:Mp3 / Mp4 /3gp / WebM / Flv VideoType: sd
Channel:Common Craft
Uploaded At:2007-04-24 00:31:34

A short explanation of RSS and how it helps you save time reading the web. This video introduces RSS as a way to subscribe to websites and save time on the Web. An "old vs. new" theme illustrates how RSS differs from visiting web sites independently, including: • The new and old ways of reading news on the web • An introduction to RSS Readers • How to identify and subscribe to an RSS feed • What to expect when using an RSS reader Need explainer videos for your classroom? This video is a sample from a unique video library that can be licenced for use by educators.. Ready-made Videos and Downloadable Visuals for Educators Learn how to turn your ideas into clear, understandable explanations and animated explainer videos with our online courses. We wrote the book on explanation and how to make ideas easy to understand. SOCIAL: Twitter ► Facebook ► Email ►

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