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Mallard Feed Call Instructions And Tips -- TakeEm Calls

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Title:Mallard Feed Call Instructions And Tips -- TakeEm Calls
Duration:2:34 Min
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Uploaded At:2013-12-12 02:45:14

The feed call is an excellent sound to help keep the ducks attention once they have begun working your decoy spread. However one does need to be careful as excessive feed calling will help overhead ducks pinpoint your location which can be good or bad based on your situation and concealment. For example when hunting in a marsh or flooded rice field this could be bad as concealment is most often challenging versus the timber where this sound will help the ducks find your setup and concealment isn't as challenging. Using the reference word "Dig" for single note chatter is much simpler than the rapid fire version using the reference word "Dig-It" and just as effective. Moving the call side to side and along with your fingers as shown in the video will help you sound like multiple mallards on the water. The duck call used in this video is a TakeEm Timber Deuce and can be found at Good Hunting, Jeff Matura TakeEm Calls

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