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Sounds From The Corner : Live #25 Endank Soekamti

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Title:Sounds From The Corner : Live #25 Endank Soekamti
Duration:52:46 Min
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Let me get this straight: Endank Soekamti is one of very few number of bands in Indonesia that can maximize digital platform, period. They are a great example of how a band can utilize technology to project their truest values and keep eyeballs aimed at them. Embracing internet culture allows Endank Soekamti to “stay punk” to their listeners: The core idea of digital interaction is the absence of gatekeeper, meaning that zero obstacles will block communication. Therefore your message is purely untouched. Difficult to imagine there are still bands who refuse to build a digital presence, claiming that they’re anti-establishment. The reality is, the internet is the most DIY platform that you can get these days. Even though being so open and forward-thinking, Endank Soekamti stays true to their core values. The often-fabricated image of lavish musician lifestyle is a common target of misconception, and Endank Soekamti’s attempt to connect with Kamtis via vlog is a good way to project the reality of being in a band. The famed daily vlog DOES (Diary of Erix Soekamti) captures the captain’s day-to-day activities, comments on various things including his family life. I can safely say the discipline and consistency showcased by DOES are incomparable with any other musical vlog in Indonesia. DOES is technically an unedited reality show of Erix and his bandmates, street-smart music content digital marketing. Consistent presence Online fuels the sense of familiarity - gigs feel like weekly reunion between the band and good friends. The connection feels genuine; they smartly use phrases like “Soekamti Day” to officiate the bonding. I spoke once with Erix in an event, and I found his visionary ideas of Endank Soekamti is amusing. He talks loud and clear like a punk rock motivator, covered with articulacy and confidence. The contour of Endank Soekamti’s digital presence is way beyond business purposes, in one vlog they being forthright about how Important is Ari Soekamti - the band’s ex-drummer who left the band last year. Internal dynamic between band members is of course undeniable but rarely exposed. The vlog recorded stories from ES members and crew about how they see Ari and how important he is for the band. Almost all of the people interviewed in the video were crying, showing genuine affection towards Ari. It is not easy to show such dense vulnerability towards your band-mates, and Endank Soekamti’s digital honesty is indeed, powerful and significant - Teguh Wicaksono SETLIST 1. Audisi 2. Luar Biasa 3. Semoga Kau di Neraka 4. Soekamti Day 5. Liburan 6. Aku Gak Pulang 7. Satria Bergitar 8. Jangan Lupa Bahagia 9. Angka 8 10. Ojo Nesu 11. Sampai Jumpa 12. Long Live My Family 13. Terima Kasih Follow Endank Soekamti at : Twitter - Instagram - ----------------------------------------------- ►Subscribe to Sounds From The Corner : Website : Follow us at Twitter - Facebook - Instagram -

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